2009 Broadway Cast
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Aquarius — Sasha Allen, Tribe [3:17]
Donna — Will Swenson, Tribe [2:08]
Hashish — Tribe [0:54]
Sodomy — Bryce Ryness, Tribe [0:58]
Colored Spade — Darius Nichols, Tribe [1:13]
Manchester England — Gavin Creel, Tribe [1:11]
I’m Black
Ain’t Got No — Darius Nichols, Bryce Ryness, Will Swenson, Gavin Creel, Sasha Allen, Tribe [1:05]
Sheila Franklin
I Believe in Love — Caissie Levy, Tribe [1:13]
Ain’t Got No Grass — Tribe [1:49]
Air — Kacie Sheik, Allison Case, Sasha Allen [1:29]
Kama Sutra
The Stone Age — Will Swenson [0:46]
I Got Life — Gavin Creel, Tribe [3:02]
Initials — Tribe [0:49]
Going Down — Will Swenson, Tribe [2:02]
Hair — Gavin Creel, Will Swenson, Tribe [3:16]
My Conviction — Andrew Kober [1:46]
Easy to Be Hard — Caissie Levy [3:04]
Don’t Put It Down — Will Swenson, Bryce Ryness, Tommar Wilson [2:03]
Frank Mills — Allison Case [2:00]
Hare Krishna / Be-In — Tribe [3:56]
Where Do I Go? — Gavin Creel, Tribe [3:06]
Electric Blues — Steel Burkhardt, Andrew Kober, Megan Lawrence, Nicole Lewis [2:50]
Oh Great God of Power
Manchester England (Reprise) — Tribe, Gavin Creel [1:38]
Black Boys — Megan Reinking, Jackie Burns, Kaitlin Kiyan, Darius Nichols, Brandon Pearson, Tommar Wilson [1:27]
White Boys — Sasha Allen, Nicole Lewis, Saycon Sengbloh [2:22]
Walking in Space — Sasha Allen, Caissie Levy, Kacie Sheik, Tribe [4:41]
African Drums — Instrumental [0:23]
Yes I’s Finished On Y’All’s Farmlands — Darius Nichols, Ato Blankson-Wood, Brandon Pearson, Tommar Wilson [0:55]
Four Score
Abie Baby — Saycon Sengbloh, Ato Blankson-Wood, Darius Nichols, Brandon Pearson, Tommar Wilson [1:37]
Give Up All Desires
Hail Mary
Roll Call — Megan Lawrence, Bryce Ryness, Caissie Levy, Allison Case, Allison Guinn [2:01]
Three-Five-Zero-Zero — Tribe [3:04]
What a Piece of Work Is Man
How Dare They Try — Paris Remillard, Maya Sharpe, Gavin Creel, Tribe [2:28]
Good Morning Starshine — Caissie Levy, Tribe [2:29]
Aquarius Goodnights
Ain’t Got No
Yip Up The Sun — Gavin Creel, Tribe [1:49]
The Flesh Failures
Eyes Look Your Last
Let The Sun Shine In — Gavin Creel, Caissie Levy, Bryce Ryness, Sasha Allen, Kacie Sheik, Allison Case, Jackie Burns, Tribe [4:26]
Curtain Call: Hair — Tribe [1:35]
Curtain Call: Let The Sun Shine In — Tribe [1:47]

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